Just exactly What is The Blitz? The Blitz is YOUR radio station! As an indie author, I understand how difficult it is to get your work seen in an ocean of books, songs, or films. While places like Pixel of Ink, ENT, or Bookbub can give your work a boost, sadly it's only a temporary spike. Obviously, if we could keep our work in view then it would continue to sell-right? So I decided It was time to do something different. 

Now, what's different about internet radio? Doesn't everyone pretty much have a blog, or a talk show? True. However, they suffer from the same problem as your books, music and films do... getting read, seen or being heard. This always seems to be the problem. Hence, the creation of Radio Rock 92.6 The Blitz! I decided create a radio station that was like the radio most of us all grew up with. 

Remember those days when you had to get up early to go to school? What's the first thing we did? We turned on the radio and for some of us it was AM radio. None the less, it's how we got our day started. Good tunes, while we prepared ourselves for the day. The Blitz is no different, except the station is geared 100% towards the Indie arts scene. 

We play original Indie music from all around the world while doing nothing but promoting YOUR work! Often times I wished I could get my work featured on a cool station everyone listened to. Then I thought why can't I? The answer was simple: YOU CAN! 

 It's our mission to be your go to place to help get the word out about your book, film, music! We're here to announce: YOUR EVENTS BOOK LAUNCHES FILM SCREENINGS LIVE CONCERTS FEATURE INTERVIEWS We do shout outs throughout the entire broadcast and we are WORLDWIDE! If you've got internet, then you can hear The Blitz! 

The Blitz is NOT a 24 Hour station on purpose. We didn't want to be a station with content spread out over 24 hours. Instead, we are using a more direct approach of being geared toward consistent time slots. As of July 4th, 2015 we are now on the air 7 days a week.  Mon-Fri 09:00am -11:00am PST with our show: The Morning Brew. Then we have the Weekend Blastoff featuring three shows. The Weekend Countdown with Frankie Mae.  Saturdays at 10am PST Action Country hosted by Arabella Fox, Saturdays at 10:30am and yours truly with the Coffee Club at 11am.  Afraid you will miss a show? No worries,  the archive button is on the top right of our blog. Just click it when you're ready to listen and leave us in the background and get on with your day. 

So if you've got a book you'd like us to mentioned, or you're with a band with some original tunes and need some radio play, or you have a film that needs some exposure, then get in touch and let's get new fresh eyes on your work! We also have the most affordable Advertising on the planet for a rock station that can be heard anywhere in the world.

 Join us, and listen to the best in original music and learn all about what's new in the indie scene! Sincerely, Tom Slick!