Meet The Blitz Crew


Management Staff
Alexa Ashby: Head of Programming and acquisitions. Alexa is the one of the newest members to the staff of Radio Rock. She will be in charge of all future artists and talent who appear on the Blitz and the day to day operations of 92.6 The Blitz. 

Our Presenters:
Tom Slick: DJ for The Morning Brew and producers of all our shows on the Blitz. Tom is a published author/playwright, having been in show business since he was 14. Producing live theatre for more than a decade, Tom has worked in film and independent television on such projects such as, Double Back Alley, Backstage Pass, Passport, Please. 
Irina: DJ for Around The World In 30 Minutes. Irina is a model, actress, and singer. She comes to us all the way from Russia. She has traveled to several countries around the world, obtaining degrees from University Surrey in England, La Trobe University Australia. Irina is also a member of the Academy of Performing Arts in Russia, appearing in many television shows and feature films. 
Frankie Mae: DJ for The Weekend Countdown. From London, Frankie is also a DJ on Sky Channel's Liberty Radio where she is a co-host of the "Friday Lunch." She is a professional television presenter, voice over actress, and belongs to the comedy improv group called, The Rubiks. Frankie has also appeared on several television and film productions, including, Man Down, The Siblings, and the BBC film, Pride.

Arabella Fox: DJ for Action Country. Past DJ for Friday After Dark. Arabella, takes care of much of what goes on behind the scenes here at Radio Rock. She is a professional voice actress, graphic designer, and has some serious mad cake designing skills. We are looking forward to her return behind the mic here on The Blitz.
Niki Jai: DJ for London Gossip. Niki has been a long time actress, singer and voice actor. She comes to the Blitz originally from Manchester in the UK. She currently brings our listeners the secret scoop on what celebrities are getting up to behind closed doors!

Tori Leigh: DJ for Gospel Gold. When she's not on the radio, Tori is a full time Culinary student. She comes to us from California in the USA and brings to our listeners the best in Gospel music.

Special Guest Speaker: Simone de Haas: Producer of The Director's Eye. From Brisbane, Australia, Simone de Haas is a renaissance woman. Her creative capacities move effortlessly between stage and boardroom, singing or directing and leadership, and the freedom of improvisation to the acuity of corporate storytelling. 
Her book, '' has become the simple foreword to a compelling and interactive personal story of presence and perception that is continually expanding through her diverse portfolio of work. She offers unconventional breakthrough programs and coaching for professional speakers, business leaders, actors, singers, and dancers who desire to have their voice in the world. 

Radio Rock is committed to bringing you on-air talent that delivers the content you enjoy. As we continue to grow you will see more shows coming online. If you want to know more about our on-air talent, just drop us an email: 
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