Welcome to our Donation & Fundraising Update Page. Here is where we keep you posted on our progress to our annual goal of keeping Radio Rock on the air.  As you know back in January we launched an Indiegogo to raise the 5K we need annually to our lights on here at The Blitz. With our campaign we raised 14% of our goal with generous contributions from authors, filmmakers and musicians from around the world.  

This Month we've added our donation button on the top right of the blog. The goal is to bring in new equipment, software, and on-air talent with some new shows.
You can now become part of our PATREON and support us monthly for either $1 $5 or $10. Yep that's actually $1 buck a month! Less than a Starbucks, or even a candy bar!


We added this month, on-air talent, Tori Leigh with "Gospel Gold" Sunday evenings at 7pm. And Niki Jai with London Gossip, Monday mornings at 10am pst. As we continue to raise funds, we will keep bringing more to you.  

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