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Welcome to Nightmare Alley. This is our page that features and focuses on 100% Horror! Since Tom Slick is such a huge horror fan, I thought we should have a go to place where we give the love to horror sites, directors, actors, films, books, authors, anything to do with the subject! If you fall into any of the above… let Tom Slick know, so we can add you to our wall of terror!

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January 10, 2015 12:00 PM PST
Episode # 2 of Nightmare Alley with
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First Episode of Nightmare Alley 
Saturday September 13th
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Give it up for Liverpool's Number one horror site!
"The Slaughtered Bird"

Follow them on Twitter as well @Folkloreart or @Thebluetook

Next up is Texas film director Vanessa Hoar.
Here she is with a copy of Tom Slick's new horror novel.
"Midnight Never Ends"
Catch this gorgeous lady of horror's new reel right here!
Vanessa Hoar Show REEL

For all of you ghost hunter fans out there, here is the grandaddy of all haunted houses!
BORLEY RECTORY aka England's Most Haunted House.

Director Jonathan Chance has been kind enough to follow The Blitz and keep us updated on what will become surely the go to film on the subject of Borley Rectory. This film is still in pre-production and seeking completion funds. 

BIG LOVE going out to actress Lauren Ashley Carter. Star of the film horror film, "JUG FACE"
Lauren was rock awesome and has followed us back on Twitter and gives Tom Slick some favs and Retweets every now and again. Give her a follow and catch her films "Jug Face" & "The Woman" both on NETFLIX right now.

Wrapping up with a horror novel.  For you fans of Rod Serling and the 1970s Television show, "Night Gallery" this book will be right up your Nightmare Alley. Grab your very own copy of "Midnight Never Ends" by Thomas Amo on either iTunes or Amazon Kindle