Sunday, November 9, 2014


In 2001 I sat down to write my first American farce. Having been a full-time theatrical producer since 1997 I had already penned "Burgled Again, Bob's Your Auntie, Direct Deposit, Lock, Stock & Bagel." All British farces, now it was time for something a little more American yet with that irresistible love for everything 1960s. Having grown up in the era of Beatles, James Bond, The Avengers, The Prisoner, I decided to pay homage to my boyhood heroes. And what better way to do that, write a comedy send up of those themes, music, movies, and television shows we all came to know and love so well. "Let's Get Lade" was a tip of the hat to a time where the laughs honest, the jokes unfiltered and still clean.

When you first hear the title it's usually followed by the raise of an eyebrow, but it's not as naughty as it sounds, it's your dirty thoughts, as "Lade" is a person. It's New York City 1964. The weekend the Beatles are making their famous debut on The Ed Sullivan Show. The setting is the Plaza hotel. Alex Fraser is a desk clerk who's arranged it, so his brother Freddie can use the penthouse suite for a tryst with a client he's been sweet on for the last seven years. The trouble is, unbeknownst to Alex, his boss, Lionel Milford, the hotel manager has arranged it, so the CIA can hide spy novelist, Henry Lade from the Russians and East Germans. It also happens to be the very same room the Fab Four will be occupying as well. With Freddie out to meet the girl of his dreams, Mr. Henry Lade forced into hiding from potential assassins and the biggest sensation since Sinatra all converging in the same space. What could possible go wrong!

Aside from it becoming a hit show for our theatre, running for 3 months straight and then again in 2004. Let's Get Lade became a novella in winter of 2011 and next week the play will be taking the stage again only this time it will be on the other side of the pond. Leeds University in the UK to be exact, thanks to director Luke Haywood. Finding the novella by sheer accident, Haywood thought this was perfect to be a play for the theatre, having no clue it originally was. With the author's permission (me) Luke, adapted the play for the Leeds University Union Theatre Group and arranged for the first international production of "Let's Get Lade".

The show opens this Tuesday November 11th. And plays November 12, 13th as well.
Haywood has arranged an amazing cast of actors, some appearing in their very first farcical production. So, if you're in the neighborhood and want to "Get Lade" too this week. You're in luck! But you better hurry, tickets are going to go fast!
Get Your Tickets Here:

Alex Fraser............................Ollie Harrison
Freddie Fraser........................Nick Dawkins
Lionel Milford.........................Tom Claxton
Gabriella Fleming........Jodi Rhiannon Chun
Mr. Henry Lade.............Angus Montgomery
Agent John Parker..........................Ben Perry
Bertha Fraser.................................Lucy Troy
Vilma Mankahler..........................Flora Tiley
Nastya Brazov................................Anya Dye
Written by Thomas Amo
Adapted & Directed by Luke Haywood

Monday, September 22, 2014


Calling all Indie horror filmmakers, scary story writers, actors, directors, composers, etc...ATTENTION! Our first issue of Nightmare Alley, the digital magazine is out and available. The desktop/Laptop version is FREE. Mobile version for your tablets and phones coming soon!

(Desktop/Laptop Version Only)

Thursday, September 18, 2014

MAZE OF KEYS ~ Who Says You Can't Make Money While Reading!

Hey Blitzers! I just learned about an awesome new book, called, "MAZE OF KEYS" A book designed where you can actually win money by just solving the puzzle! The competition closes on Halloween, so you will want to move swiftly to get in on this.

Are you good at Puzzles? Then this could be right up your alley! Check out the video below!
Good luck!
Tom Slick!

Thursday, September 4, 2014


Nightmare Alley is a new show on Radio Rock 92.6 The Blitz, hosted by horror author, Thomas Amo. Catch our first show with horror actress, Lauren Ashley Carter, star of the movie, JUG FACE and THE WOMAN. Saturday September 13th at Noon PST.

Friday, July 4, 2014

Happy 1st Blitz of July! We Made It! Our First Year!

Today is July 4th, aka our nation's Independence Day. We celebrate every year on this day the fact we struggled, fought and claimed our Independence from Great Britain. Thankfully we kissed and made up with our original mother country long ago. So amidst the fireworks, barbecues and family get togethers. We here at Radio Rock 92.6 The Blitz are also celebrating!

Our very first birthday! It was 1 year ago today, I became Tom Slick and pressed the broadcast button on a new internet radio station. Originally we launched as a classic rock station. Playing the best from the 1960s, 70s, and 80s. While we played those great tunes we all love, our focus was on Indie artists! Meaning, authors, filmmakers and musicians! I wanted to create a station that gave a voice to artists who needed some form of publicity they couldn't get elsewhere without paying insane amounts of money for advertising.

I chose July the 4th on purpose, as I am an indie author. The station was an idea I had, that I hoped could help generate sales for my books. Midnight Never Ends An Apple For Zoe Forever ME
While at the same time helping my fellow author friends, filmmakers and eventual musicians I have come to know and call friends too! Right from the start, we were a hit! We kept our advertising cheap and shouted News for FREE.

Then, something amazing happened! The Midnight Hour @ Noon.
Indie Musicians began lining up to get their tunes on our station. We began by dropping them into our news segment. Our news went from being 10 mins long to almost 40 mins somedays. Listeners loved the indie stuff, but our feedback was, it didn't really go with the classic rock format. They were right! Author M.E. Franco suggested to me, that there was too much good music and the indies deserved their own show. We listened and man am I glad I did. So, I put together a 1 hour show that showcased the indie music that came our way.  We began finding amazing bands like, Willamena  Swami Lushbeard Circe Link Aylin Eser just to name a few!

As the months went on, more music came our way and then…. in December, Loudcity announced they were shutting down! This was where we received our royalty coverage to be a classic rock station. What would we do? We had new advertisers coming on board every week and more and more indies coming! The answer was simple, instead of worrying about the demise of Loudcity, we embraced Spreaker. A place for Indie stations, talk radio and the like. Since we had amassed over 12 hours of indie music we decided it was time to go 100% INDIE! and on March of 2014, that's exactly what we did.

The Indie music scene exploded on us and band after band came our way! Some of the most talented artists and the best music I have ever heard in my life. Something I thought I'd never be able to say again as my coveted classic rock years were behind me. I found a new love for a genre of music I would have never listened to had we not opened the doors to the Indie Musicians.

So, as we celebrate our first birthday and Independence of our nation, Tom Slick has put together a special show that is showcasing the top 25 bands of our first full year! I'm not going to list the top 25 as we want to surprise the listeners and bands on the show….

HOWEVER: Here is a list of All the bands who have played on our station! Congratulations to all of you and thank you for what you do!
Cheers, Tom Slick!

Frank Topper
Darcy Jeavons
Accoustic Journey
Chase Allen
Jake Dag
Steve Ryan
The Newbies
Lauren McLamb
Tommy Roumanas
Lynne Taylor Donovan
Shore Drive
The Extended Play
Dylan McGuire
Too Bad
Lions Named Leo
Jodi Whatley
John Dartnell
Ray William Roldan
K&M Soul
Jacob Carruthers
Layden Robinson
Lore City
Amy Naylor
Sophie Koorhan
Matthew Schultz
Kathryn Anderson
Brittany McLamb
Kristen Meredith
Stiletto Ghetto
Hush Company
Murphy 500
Jenni Alpert
Ed Roman
Amy Rose
Cameron Ernst
The Thiefs
Nina Storey
Dream Aria
The Bare Minimum
Paul McClure
Dahlia Wakefiled
Western Avenue
Josey Milner
Jiggley Jones
Doug Briney
Marshall Dane
Polly Baker
Sarah Beth Keeley
Just Hannah
Jim Vierra & Friends
Ella Mae Bowen
Mark Ballas
Amy Hailstone
The Songwriters
Blu Collar Glomeration
Jeff Campbell
Coyotes In Boxes
Its Dice
Megan Slankard
Swami Lushbeard
The Hodges
Windsor Circle
Korby Lenker
Flagship Romance
Mike Medved Band
Kyle Williams
Bri Payne Band
Sahara Starr
Madison Hudson Band
Circe Link
Kiera Osment
Sol James
Josh Damigo
Ernie Halter
Jessica Campbell
Nick Flora
The Spins
Michel Rivet
Dakota Nights
420 Trailer Trash
Melissa Hollick
Matthew Heller
Natasha Nichols
Aylin Eser
Stereo Reform

AND Playing today for the first time on The Blitz is our 100th Artist!
Melissa Phillips!

I have to give a huge shout to Ruth Butler! She brought to us great bands like Korby Lenker, Neely, Jeff Campbell, Megan Slankard Josh Damigo, Nick Flora to name a few.
Kiera Osment who was our youngest performer, 13 years old!

It's been a wild first year! Thank you everyone who has been here shown support! Looking forward to the next one!

Thursday, May 1, 2014


The Blitz's very own Tom Slick has a new book out! It's called, "Midnight Never Ends" and it's a horror anthology! Remember Rod Serling's Night Gallery? Well, that is where his inspiration came from! Four short stories that all deal in the subject of death. 

Two things made the show, Night Gallery, spooky to me.
One was Rod Serling and the second were the paintings. Tom Wright's work gave each episode that extra chill to it. Add to that, Rod's resonate voice, and you have all the ingredients for a perfect evening of scares. 

I was very fortunate to work once again with Indonesian artist, Jeannifer Marciella Soganda. She was brilliant at capturing the style of the Night Gallery paintings. So each story has its very own original canvas. 

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Meet The New Boss ~ Same As The Old Boss!

That's right it's me, author, Thomas Amo, aka as radio personality, Tom Slick. On Friday, The Blitz ended its agreement with station provider, Loudcity.  After 9 years, Loudcity has gone out of business for hosting radio stations and providing royalty coverage. 
This new development has required The Blitz to change one minor detail. As of Monday, March 3, 2014, we will no longer broadcast classic rock and roll. We decided, while it was fun playing the best in classic rock, we are at the heart an indie station. I designed it to be a beacon for all indie artists to have a home where their books, films and music could be promoted. 

We pride ourselves on providing you all the news on the indie arts scene and yes, we could have still sought out a royalty contract with ASCAP, BMI and the other royalty reporting houses, but that would have cost us a great deal of expense which in turn means our sponsors would have to pay more and we did not want that. 

Many artists and business advertise on The Blitz because we keep the price so low. $5 bucks for a month of basic advertising and thanks to their loyalty we decided it was better to go 100% indie all the way. So the music you will now hear is all original indie music from around the world.  We choose only broadcast quality music and so you can expect to hear a great mix of country, rock, some metal and many others as well. We still require that all music played is explicit lyric free and no covers. 

So here's the other new awesome news! In the past Loudcity wasn't the most reliable source to hear us, as occasionally the stream would get interrupted or listeners would frequently have to refresh their browser in order to hear us. Not anymore! When you come here to our site, the show will automatically launch when you press the play button and you won't miss a thing! Unless the show is LIVE then you will have to wait till it archives to get it from the start. But if you can't catch the LIVE show, no worries because, you will be able to catch the show ALL DAY LONG! Plus we will be 7 days a week now too. Each show is archived and Friday's show plays all weekend long. Just click the play button on the top right of the blog and boom you've got the show. Just put us in the background and get on with your day it's that easy! 

If you have questions about anything hit us up on Twitter, Facebook or our email. This is Tom Slick saying THANK YOU for  making Radio Rock 92.6 The Blitz your station!