Thursday, April 23, 2015

The March To 5000

Hey Kids, as you know we work everyday to bring to you the best in indie music, film and books. Since July the 4th 2013 we have produced over 500 shows on The Blitz. It was always my goal to make Radio Rock the go to station for indie artists. In the 2 years  since we launched we have literally reached the world, with over 25 thousand listeners and artists from every corner of the globe. As we approach our 2nd birthday, we are looking for our Blitzers to become Patreons! 

We are marching to a total of 5000 Blitzers. We can do it and you can help us reach that goal by donating 1 buck a month. Just 1 dollar a month you will be supporting a station devoted to the indie arts scene. Your help will allow us to take our station crew from volunteers to paid radio talent, and cover all our operating expenses. Also to do live remote broadcasts, attend indie film premieres, book events. Once we reach our goal, we will be able to start also giving back to our artists in the way of buying their music, books, and films to provide as prizes to you the listeners! Here are just a few of the artists who have become Blitz stars! Circe Link, Rick Mercer, Rosaye, Aylin Eser, Sarah Beth Keeley, Amy Rose, Neely, Melissa Phillips, Tommy Roumanas, Willamena, Swami Lushbeard, Nina Storey, Emma Lane, Korby Lenker, Dylan McGuire, Tim Butler, Pat Sinatra, Dexeter, Dreamkiller, Alyssa Trahan, Savannah Philyaw, Rex Macadangdang, Jessica Domingo, The Thiefs, Blane Howard, Jiggley Jones, Twangtown Paramours, Johnny Van Veld, Hunter, Dahlia Wakefield, Madison Hudson, Amy Naylor, Tod Purvis, M E Franco, Tich Brewster, Jean Booth, Tracie Puckett, Michelle Muto, Clare C. Marshall, Doug Cash, Mariella and so many more!

 Patreon is easy to become a part of. Already some of you are there and helping. We set up our Patreon for donations of $1, $5, & $10. 

BUT we don't want you to donate 5 or 10... 

For the March to 5000 we only want $1 buck! Share with a friend...both of you go $0.50 each! Most of us have that much in couch change or ashtray money. If you become part of the March to 5000, it will cost you a total of $12 for a year of donations. Less than a pizza or tank of gas. We know it's tough times on everyone, so this is why we say no more than $1 buck. It is PayPal friendly. 

If you feel Radio Rock, has value to the artists, then help us reach our birthday goal on July the 4th and for 1 Buck become one of the 5000.

~ Tom Slick! 

23 Patreons already!
4, 977 to go!


Sunday, March 1, 2015


Now, that our Indiegogo campaign has ended, we are excited to say we reached 14% of our annual goal of 5K.  The support was tremendous and unexpected. We received donations of support from sources from around the world. United Kingdom, Australia, Germany, Japan, Canada, and across the United States. Thank you everyone! There were many who asked to remain anonymous you are the silent heroes of Radio Rock!

We raised a total of $715.00 (Less fees that went to Indiegogo & Paypal) Already this has allowed us to upgrade our microphone system and purchase much needed software for post production work. Plus begin producing new shows and bring aboard new on-air talent. We still have a ways to go to reach our goal, but this is a fantastic start. 
As you will notice at the top right of the page, we've installed a donation button to Paypal, this will make it easy for folks who missed our Indiegogo and would still like to contribute. AND we have also become a part of PATREON, which allows anyone to support us on a regular basis for as little as 1 dollar a month! 

Remember a single buck goes a long way here. So don't be shy! With $4,285 to go, I'm truly confident we will reach our goal this year. Everything you do for us helps more than I can say! Thank you everyone who jumped in and shared, donated and helped out! There are a lot more Indie Artists our there who still haven't discovered Radio Rock, if you know any of them, send em our way, it's time they found a home! Cheers, most humbly, your DJ, Tom Slick! 

We want to give public thanks to our Blitz sponsors!
Don Sprouls and the band, Swami Lushbeard

Dom Stasi of the band Kickbend

Joe Kupski & RevulsA

                                       Tommy Roumanas 
                                        Andrew Arbuckle 

                                   Author Scott Cherney

                                     Author M E Franco
                        Tod Purvis of the film "Driving Blind"

                         Film Director and author Paul Kyriazi
                                     Author Daniel T. Ritter


Wednesday, January 14, 2015


Hey Kids!
Tom Slick is excited to announce our first ever Indiegogo! 

We thought about this for a long time and decided, it was time to expand the Blitz and do more for the indie artists who have blessed our station! 

In the 18 months since we launched the Blitz. Over 100 bands, singer/songwriters, authors, and filmmakers have become part of our radio family. We want to do all we can to give back to them! Please take a moment to check out our video and see for yourself, why we love to shout about these amazing folks!  

Don't feel like $1 dollar is too little of a contribution! 

Because like any team, it takes a group effort to make it all happen! 
If you cannot contribute, we totally understand! All we would ask, if you would be so kind to please share our campaign to friends who might be in need of book promos, film features or music spins

We created the Blitz, so indie artists would have a home they could count on. Thanks for taking the time to watch our video and share our campaign!  Cheers, Tom Slick!

Thanks to our first sponsors, already we are at 6% of our goal! 

Thank you Tod Purvis and the team of the award winning indie film, "Driving Blind"

Also, Don Sprouls of the band, "Swami Lushbeard"

Big Thanks also to, international film director and published author, Paul Kyriazi, of the very popular, "How to Live the James Bond Lifestyle" series.

And to our very generous anonymous donors, who love tuning into The Blitz. We're nothing without you guys! Thank you so much!

So if you got loose change in the couch, in an ashtray, or a spare dollar, we'll gladly accept it! Believe me, it will go a long way for us here at Radio Rock!  PAYPAL ACCEPTED. Just click below on our Indiegogo badge and maybe there's a perk we're offering you'd like! Thanks again to everyone who tunes in and shares us with the world!  ~ Tom Slick

Friday, January 9, 2015


Come get your scare on with Internet Scream Queen, Bianca Barnett, as she sits down and has an exclusive chat with Radio Rock 92.6 The Blitz!