Wednesday, January 14, 2015


Hey Kids!
Tom Slick is excited to announce our first ever Indiegogo! 

We thought about this for a long time and decided, it was time to expand the Blitz and do more for the indie artists who have blessed our station! 

In the 18 months since we launched the Blitz. Over 100 bands, singer/songwriters, authors, and filmmakers have become part of our radio family. We want to do all we can to give back to them! Please take a moment to check out our video and see for yourself, why we love to shout about these amazing folks!  

Don't feel like $1 dollar is too little of a contribution! 

Because like any team, it takes a group effort to make it all happen! 
If you cannot contribute, we totally understand! All we would ask, if you would be so kind to please share our campaign to friends who might be in need of book promos, film features or music spins

We created the Blitz, so indie artists would have a home they could count on. Thanks for taking the time to watch our video and share our campaign!  Cheers, Tom Slick!

Thanks to our first sponsors, already we are at 6% of our goal! 

Thank you Tod Purvis and the team of the award winning indie film, "Driving Blind"

Also, Don Sprouls of the band, "Swami Lushbeard"

Big Thanks also to, international film director and published author, Paul Kyriazi, of the very popular, "How to Live the James Bond Lifestyle" series.

And to our very generous anonymous donors, who love tuning into The Blitz. We're nothing without you guys! Thank you so much!

So if you got loose change in the couch, in an ashtray, or a spare dollar, we'll gladly accept it! Believe me, it will go a long way for us here at Radio Rock!  PAYPAL ACCEPTED. Just click below on our Indiegogo badge and maybe there's a perk we're offering you'd like! Thanks again to everyone who tunes in and shares us with the world!  ~ Tom Slick

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