Sunday, March 1, 2015


Now, that our Indiegogo campaign has ended, we are excited to say we reached 14% of our annual goal of 5K.  The support was tremendous and unexpected. We received donations of support from sources from around the world. United Kingdom, Australia, Germany, Japan, Canada, and across the United States. Thank you everyone! There were many who asked to remain anonymous you are the silent heroes of Radio Rock!

We raised a total of $715.00 (Less fees that went to Indiegogo & Paypal) Already this has allowed us to upgrade our microphone system and purchase much needed software for post production work. Plus begin producing new shows and bring aboard new on-air talent. We still have a ways to go to reach our goal, but this is a fantastic start. 
As you will notice at the top right of the page, we've installed a donation button to Paypal, this will make it easy for folks who missed our Indiegogo and would still like to contribute. AND we have also become a part of PATREON, which allows anyone to support us on a regular basis for as little as 1 dollar a month! 

Remember a single buck goes a long way here. So don't be shy! With $4,285 to go, I'm truly confident we will reach our goal this year. Everything you do for us helps more than I can say! Thank you everyone who jumped in and shared, donated and helped out! There are a lot more Indie Artists our there who still haven't discovered Radio Rock, if you know any of them, send em our way, it's time they found a home! Cheers, most humbly, your DJ, Tom Slick! 

We want to give public thanks to our Blitz sponsors!
Don Sprouls and the band, Swami Lushbeard

Dom Stasi of the band Kickbend

Joe Kupski & RevulsA

                                       Tommy Roumanas 
                                        Andrew Arbuckle 

                                   Author Scott Cherney

                                     Author M E Franco
                        Tod Purvis of the film "Driving Blind"

                         Film Director and author Paul Kyriazi
                                     Author Daniel T. Ritter


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