Sunday, March 2, 2014

Meet The New Boss ~ Same As The Old Boss!

That's right it's me, author, Thomas Amo, aka as radio personality, Tom Slick. On Friday, The Blitz ended its agreement with station provider, Loudcity.  After 9 years, Loudcity has gone out of business for hosting radio stations and providing royalty coverage. 
This new development has required The Blitz to change one minor detail. As of Monday, March 3, 2014, we will no longer broadcast classic rock and roll. We decided, while it was fun playing the best in classic rock, we are at the heart an indie station. I designed it to be a beacon for all indie artists to have a home where their books, films and music could be promoted. 

We pride ourselves on providing you all the news on the indie arts scene and yes, we could have still sought out a royalty contract with ASCAP, BMI and the other royalty reporting houses, but that would have cost us a great deal of expense which in turn means our sponsors would have to pay more and we did not want that. 

Many artists and business advertise on The Blitz because we keep the price so low. $5 bucks for a month of basic advertising and thanks to their loyalty we decided it was better to go 100% indie all the way. So the music you will now hear is all original indie music from around the world.  We choose only broadcast quality music and so you can expect to hear a great mix of country, rock, some metal and many others as well. We still require that all music played is explicit lyric free and no covers. 

So here's the other new awesome news! In the past Loudcity wasn't the most reliable source to hear us, as occasionally the stream would get interrupted or listeners would frequently have to refresh their browser in order to hear us. Not anymore! When you come here to our site, the show will automatically launch when you press the play button and you won't miss a thing! Unless the show is LIVE then you will have to wait till it archives to get it from the start. But if you can't catch the LIVE show, no worries because, you will be able to catch the show ALL DAY LONG! Plus we will be 7 days a week now too. Each show is archived and Friday's show plays all weekend long. Just click the play button on the top right of the blog and boom you've got the show. Just put us in the background and get on with your day it's that easy! 

If you have questions about anything hit us up on Twitter, Facebook or our email. This is Tom Slick saying THANK YOU for  making Radio Rock 92.6 The Blitz your station!

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