Thursday, July 4, 2013

The Blitz—Indie Arts News Radio

Thanks for stopping by to check out Radio Rock 92.6 The Blitz!
The Blitz is an internet radio station dedicated to Indie artists. We focus on the authors/filmmakers and musicians. We understand how difficult it is to get your work read, heard and seen. The Blitz and DJ—Tom Slick are here to help with that.

If you are a self-published author, indie musician, or filmmaker who needs some promoting then we want to hear from you. 

If you love classic rock and roll from the 60s, 70s, and 80s then come and be a part of Radio Rock 92.6 The Blitz!

More information is coming SOON, meantime if you need to talk to us:  Stop, introduce yourself, let us know all about you and what you're up to!

Just click the link above and that will take you to our radio station at Loudcity.  (If you don't hear anything...that's okay...there's nothing wrong...we aren't broadcasting 24/7 yet. But we will always try announce at least an hour before we go live.) Our station won't get in your way of all the other important things you're doing. You can leave the station page up and minimize it into the background or click on one of the Tune In Links and choose your preferred player.

These were some of the amazing folks who were mentioned on our broadcast this morning.
Chelsea Fine - Winner of the "Honey Darlin" Award!
Juliette Sobanet - Author of the Paris novel series.
Marni Mann - author of Memoirs Aren't Fairytales
The Geekery Book Review - Blogger of the week!

Shouts and Mentions in our first week!
Raine Thomas - author of Daughter of Saraqael Trilogy
Ebook Korner Kafe - Kim
Bookish More & Things -Book bloggers Katrina and Vanessa!
Lena Speckmann- International DJ -based in Germany
(Lena broadcasts in German and Spanish)
Dennis Sharpe - author of Destroyer of Worlds
Scott Cherney—author of Red Asphalt
M.E. Franco—author of The Rustler's Daughter
Michelle Muto—author of The Haunting Season
Jean Booth—author of Zombie War series.
Susi Weisz—lead singer of Dakota Nights
Tod Purvis—actor in the indie film Driving Blind
Belinda Frisch–author of the Zombie series Cure & Afterbirth
Rachel Shepard—actress and model
Zoe Harrington—model, author and actress.

These are just a few folks we mentioned time it could be you, your book, your film, your music, your events! 

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