Monday, December 9, 2013

Have I Mentioned This Job ROCKS?

Six months and counting! Radio Rock 92.6 The Blitz is fast becoming a destination for Indie Artists from all over the world! As you know we're a classic rock station featuring music from the sixties, seventies and eighties while at the same time focusing all our energy on promoting authors, filmmakers and musicians and this last week our music scene has exploded. Over The weekend I was introduced to several new musical acts that truly have put the rock in my roll!  

Our new show, "The Midnight Hour @ Noon" is drawing the attention of artists as close as Los Angeles and as far off as Moscow! In between we've got Holland, the UK, Canada, Germany and even Nashville. The great thing about being the on air talent, I get to not only introduce YOU to these amazing new artists, but I get a chance to help someone who simply needs just one person to take a chance on them. I get the biggest smile when I see the artist shouting on their Facebook page that their song is being played on Radio Rock 92.6 The Blitz! Believe I'm just as excited as they are. Our listener base is building daily. Thanks to the artist Cinja, Germany came out in droves to support their girl! 

So if you're just finding out about Tom Slick and The Blitz and you're an indie artist, get in touch and let's get you some new fans!

Sensation from Germany Cinja

21 Year old Melissa Hollick from the UK
Ella Mae Bowen from Nashville

The SongWriters from Moscow

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