Saturday, December 7, 2013

The Midnight Hour @ Noon

So, looks like we got us a new show! In our original conception of Radio Rock The Blitz…we had always intended on making this a place for Indie Musicians as well as authors and filmmakers. We put together "The Midnight Hour" with the idea being, that most musicians are night owls and everything cool happens at the witching hour. Well, truth be told, Tom Slick just doesn't stay up till those hours any more and, I thought, if we only play these amazing artists in the wee hours of the night…only Australia and the insomniacs will hear them! 

The last week of November we began to get a lot of indie music tracks and began playing them during our news segment on The Morning Brew, and while listeners liked it, I did get requests to give them their own show and not disrupt the format of The Morning Brew, (which is all classic rock). I agreed, the indies deserved their own time slot. So, the return of The Midnight Hour was at hand only it would be at noon. We kicked it off, Thursday December 5, 2013 and listeners LOVED IT! 

We think here's the reason why; the people who stayed after The Morning Brew was over really wanted to hear the new music and the ones who were tuning in for the classic rock didn't get their groove interrupted while listening at work, home or play. Everybody wins! 

We were blessed right out the gate getting to play some amazing new talent!
Bands like: 
Circe Link, Swami Lushbeard, RockSauce, Willamena, Stereo Reform, Fahran, Neely,  and solo artists such as,  Josh Damigo, Eric Halter, Jessica Campbell,  Melissa Hollick, Natasha Nicholls, Jim Vierra, Layden Robinson, Kiera Ostment, Matthew Heller, just for starters.

Already next week we have new music from some of the artists I've just listed and we have new musicians coming to play as well! Get ready for great new music!  

We ask all listeners please let the bands, singers, know you like them, or you listen on The Blitz, it's a huge help!

Thanks and Rock On! See you Monday on "The Midnight Hour @ Noon"

Tom Slick!

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